12 Year old sebaceous cyst removal. GROSS!!

48 Responses to 12 Year old sebaceous cyst removal. GROSS!!

  1. sycamoreleaves74 says:

    I live through you…

  2. oopalmer says:

    Definition of hyper-wiper.

  3. TheBucksco18966 says:

    How could you let that form for 12 years? I would have popped it the 1st time I noticed it lol

  4. decide mee says:

    mines bleed like crazy I had more blood than puss

  5. Maria Jimenez says:


  6. Michael Rentz says:

    Man panties… no thanks

  7. Mike G says:

    Tell me you see those flies around his tiny pecker

  8. Octo Girl says:

    O M G man just squeeze the thing! Stop wiping!

  9. Inu no Taisho says:

    Dr. Pimple Popper could take a lesson from you. Slowly and gently expressing the contents of the cyst is FAR MORE gentle to the skin than that awful loop tool she sells. Twice now, I’ve see her rip the hell out of people’s cysts and skin with those damn things.

  10. Jeff Ostic says:

    Jeff Ostic July, 17th

  11. Fig Girl says:

    Pretty package.

  12. Rita Subranni says:

    That wasn’t gross at all!  It was among the neatest and low-key images I’ve seen.  I just wish he’d have pulled his shirt down lower — the image of his briefs was a bit distracting.

  13. TheTatmandu says:

    OK, maybe cottage cheese is not so bad after all. Time for lunch folks.

  14. Cow_Goes_ Moo says:

    No way I’d let that sit on my body for twelve years.

  15. Cookieto 123 says:

    E che cazzo non si puo vedere, no dico il cazzo

  16. drakesnana says:

    wow!! love the undies anymore videos of you in underwear?? lol

  17. Abyta M. says:

    love your rings!!!!

  18. Greg M says:

    Gotta open it up and take the sack out .

  19. kfreienmuth says:

    some gay rings there.

  20. rockster710 says:

    I have this dangling double cyst below my shaft. how do I remove it?

  21. Jay Mayberry says:

    Why did he steal his wife’s panties for the video?

  22. voodoo baybay says:

    what kind of 12 year old have tattoos?

  23. Doug Heffernan says:

    Anyone else hear the snoring in the background

  24. Alienated says:

    Take it easy mate, this was actually your 3rd testicle.

  25. NVSCLR says:

    Wow nice dick dude

  26. Nicki Kramer says:

    dude, "pimp wanna be" is going to give himself a chubby if he isn’t careful! I thought he was going to break out into a disco dance, "it’s raining men, hallelujia"

  27. Jill Hamilton says:

    Some of these are really good! We could do without t
    he ones that have the screaming females in the background or the ones with the worst videographer on the planet!!

  28. LeAnn Robertson says:

    Dude we did not need to see your junk. You should have used a different camera angle.

  29. antonia cavuoto says:

    nice junk

  30. Shannon Ryburn says:

    dude put another log on the fire. you are so patient to wait 12 years for THAT? go to the doctor have them fix what you screwed up. the comments on here are way better than the actual filming of your so call cyst. I mean your pimple.

  31. Nicoll Davidson says:

    Cleanest hands I’ve seen for a home popping on YouTube.

  32. James Kapolka says:

    damn you need to quit romancing that thing and just pop it good and hard

  33. Carmen Rios says:

    What Cyst!?

  34. Millie Lugo says:

    Grease Ball Gross!

  35. Tina Melton says:

    nice junk. thanks

  36. Bye cable tv says:


  37. Carol Jok says:

    Nice sack! Can I squeeze it next time?

  38. Jared Q says:

    Because he couldn’t put shorts on right?

  39. Ashraf Haddadin says:

    It’s so damn gross, but I can’t stop watching. Should’ve covered up the bajangles more, though.

  40. Mandy-Lou Dumesny-Blahut says:

    The small hole puts it under pressure and it has to wriggle out or if we’re lucky it explodes out. I must admit I do enjoy a small hole. Heehee

  41. Karin Slyter says:

    Like the tats and rings.

  42. Tabby Roberts says:

    Good on you mate, I hate having to pop pimples on my upper thigh (and in that general region) because it stings like a bitch

  43. dream says:

    I don’t know how people can leave things like this on their body for years…..

    If I saw anything abnormal on my body I would try to get rid of it immediately, I can’t stand it being on me…..

  44. Adam niezgódka says:

    I do not know if you know, but you flutters around a lot of orbs. I think that this is your caring spirits. Look at the record. You see these flying little dots?

  45. LeAnn Robertson says:

    Didn’t need to see your junk.