Draining & treating a Myxoid Cyst

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A myxoid cyst, or digital mucous cyst, is actually not a true cyst, so it’s also called a pseudocyst. They are growths that most often occur on the top (dorsal) part of the finger or toe, just behind the base of the nail. They are kind of translucent/see-through, round, and slightly compressible. They are due to a connection to the joint space, where one bone meets another, the part of your finger or toe that allows you to bend the digit. The fluid inside this cyst is gel-like and sticky, because this is the lubrication that “oils” our joints. This fluid somehow has made its way closer to the surface of the skin, creating this bump. These are benign growth, and may spontaneously disappear, but recurrence is common, mainly because in order to prevent these, you may likely need to seal off this connection with the joint space.

This patient came from a distance to see me and really wanted to try to get rid of the bump, although it was not painful or actively growing in size. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t come back!

Thank you so much for watching!!

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20 Responses to Draining & treating a Myxoid Cyst

  1. Katrina Sikorski says:

    Just curious if this patient has had any recurrence of this particular cyst?

  2. Happy_Apple says:

    I found a cure for my husband who had 2 of these. The solution is to use apple cider vinegar. It took a month to fix the one less severe by rubbing apple cider vinegar day and night. He got a more severe one and he soaked the toe with apple cider vinegar in cotton ball during the day for about 10 hours. It took him a month to do this everyday to fix the 2nd one.  This is no surgery remedy. It worked and we wanted to share this amazing remedy with everyone. I also learnt this from youtube. Good luck.

  3. CateSimulate says:

    What a beautiful foot.

  4. Natalie Nobert says:

    Why was that guy so whiny?

  5. Hannah Psp says:

    I think he went to see a podotherapist first ;)

  6. Tika Gyrl says:

    thank goodness his feet are not ugly.

  7. Amy leigh Simpson says:

    my dad had one of these on his finger we were facinated by what came out we said it was like tree sap lol

  8. TheBaconVikingKiwis says:

    I am an auto mechanic. I self treated a cyst on my middle finger with a q-tip that was placed in a stream of automotive refrigerant R134A and then applied it to cyst for about two minutes. The cyst was applying pressure to the cuticle and was deforming my fingernail with a deep trough inline with the cyst. About 6 months later the cyst has not returned and fingernail is almost grown out with no trough. Cryotherapy seems to be effective.

  9. c dunsh says:

    Forgive my ignorance, but I was under the impression that you could not use epi in extremities d/t the risk of loss of blood flow. Would you be willing to explain why you chose a numbing agent with epi vs w/o epi. It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

  10. kimberly washington says:

    He has pretty feet,lol!

  11. Jackie LaGeek says:

    I learn something new here all the time.

  12. Bilal ben mashoud Aichaoui says:

    pretty intersting

  13. Tony Ferrari says:

    How do I explain to my girlfriend that I'm watching this and not porn when I'm on the computer? On second thought, I think I'll just tell her that I'm watching porn.

  14. miSterEviEWer32 says:

    i always learn from your vids. :)

  15. Jewel Manders says:

    I had tons of mosaic plantar warts on my feet. they numbed it up and cut it off. no freezing. they came back 10 fold.

  16. stephinwy says:

    I thought I learned in nursing school no epi in the toes? Anyone?

  17. CaliGaming says:

    what was that shock thing you was using on his foot?

  18. Ashley Smith says:

    I really want to be a dermatologist now since I've started watching these videos. This stuff is so neat!

  19. Ros Jenner says:

    Kienna, I too eat all sorts of things while watching these. My favourite is porridge while watching the big sebaceous cysts lol

  20. Lydia Parra says:

    You people have awful hearing, this is not a male.

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