GIANT Cyst and Zits Blackhead , Pimple Popping | YOUTUBE 2017

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GIANT Cyst and Zits Blackhead , Pimple Popping | YOUTUBE 2017

GIANT Cyst and Zits Blackhead , Pimple Popping | YOUTUBE 2017

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46 Responses to GIANT Cyst and Zits Blackhead , Pimple Popping | YOUTUBE 2017

  1. Stephanie Ann says:

    "This videos shows a medical procedure for removing blah blah blah"
    It isn’t a procedure, it’s done at home under not very well conditions and that is not how you remove a pore of winer. The sadist in me is secretly hoping the ones who didn’t use gloves or bought sterile equipment gets an infection.

  2. J bell says:

    Dude im. High af and about to Ralph but cNt look away

  3. Fu says:

    I would of cut that old cunts ear of

  4. Sierra Shook says:

    ewww too gross to watch

  5. Barny Dubble says:

    Hey re fuckin yard!! Stop yelling, and wha t the fucks with your speech!! Do the globe a favor, and shut up

  6. Aline Guimarães says:

    Perdeu meu like pq não colocou a luva.

  7. Marcello Oosterhout says:

    Really dont know Why i watch this

  8. TheOtherrr says:

    The Girl doing the extraction on the Old man’s ear has no clue what she is doing

  9. Marry Blue says:

    Why do I love the gurl picking at this guys ear

  10. tangente00 says:

    this is darknet material, this should not be visible in the clearweb. no no no

  11. Eric Mapande says:

    make the ear great again


    Christ…that guys leg cummed all over the dam place.

  13. Elliot Tweedy says:

    cottage cheese anyone?

  14. Jaime Walker says:

    Seriously how does it take..
    dont strain yourself Damn..

  15. wecameasandys says:

    The one at 4:20 behind the ear must have felt amazing once it was gone….gawd damn what a relief

  16. LeAnn Robertson says:

    Can she go any slower on his ear dang!!!

  17. reby sully says:

    ya i have homework to do

  18. Julian Rivera says:

    "Where’s Glenn?" He dead

  19. Marcy Sheridan says:

    Should have made the hole bigger!!

  20. Kelly Dunn says:

    the guy at the end of the video filming the old man sounds like John C. Reilly with a speech impediment lmao

  21. Jaime Walker says:

    poor grandpa’

  22. Becz says:

    the guy filming the video with the old man needs to shut the fuck up.

  23. Bryan Viezcas says:

    ohhh helll noooooooo

  24. Patrick Anthonsen says:

    Amazing how bad people are at popping these things!

  25. Raymond Duttine says:

    wow, that is a bit pathetic – the person dictating directions on the pimple poppers…. Is he the zit nazi?

  26. Edward Oleander says:

    Throwing up pop-ups that can’t be exited is lame.

  27. Claire Murray says:

    wow that was bad glad I’ve not eaten yet.

  28. Raymond Duttine says:

    yeah… it is hard to squeeze out innit? Two inches of fat under the skin tends to complicate things, eh?

  29. vee kayzz says:

    this is literally so fucking disgusting……

  30. Pooja Bhatt says:

    Be hygiene

  31. Manjit Kumar says:

    why they are not remove it before become bigger

  32. Doofy says:

    Its … eeewwwwhhh, but I can’t stop watching…

  33. Dawn Cherie says:

    1:53 I died laughing!!! LMAO!!

  34. shair00 says:

    Looks like spaghetti from a Ron Co pasta machine! At 12:30…put a shop vac on that cyst and it would suck all of that out….maybe his brains with it…

  35. Lola Erase una Vez says:

    His leg was coming.

  36. RYAN SAWYERS says:

    Poor older fellow. Torturing that poor man…Stop being a pussy and pop that shit. It still had a shit ton of infection and puss and hardened shit in that hole, using the napkin? Really, squeeze that shit with your fingers like a boss.

  37. Barny Dubble says:

    Hey ! Dum,sum!! Stop being a damn dummy, by golly? Jesus age Christ man!!

  38. Cheryl Harris says:

    Soooooo old.

  39. Carla Blevins says:

    I do not want to hear"Golly" ever again. Those 2 with papa were idiots.

  40. Maia T says:

    please please put some gloves on.

  41. Sierra Shook says:

    I think I’m gonna throw up

  42. Jaime Walker says:

    I’m sorry but the guy in the back ground when poor grandpa was get popes .. he is annoying

  43. Jenni K-M says:

    Why do you find it necessary to be so theatrical.  Poor man, that is showing no respect to him.  Its not necessary to take the Lord’s name in vain.

  44. Strive-2-Survive says:

    so the guy had a cyst and bad gas