Ingrown Hairs and Sebaceous Filaments

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Ingrown Hairs and Sebaceous Filaments

Re-uploaded due to copyright issues.

This man was diagnosed of seborrheic dermatitis, a very common skin condition. It appears mainly in people with oily skin. More frequent in men than in women.
Skin can itch and/or look red. The scales that flake off could be white or yellowish and look moist or oily.

Music –

Warm Romance sunset

A new beginning

Happy days piano romance

Albinoni oboe concerto

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44 Responses to Ingrown Hairs and Sebaceous Filaments

  1. Chloe Z says:

    Best extraction videos on YouTube.

  2. Jen R says:

    Thank you for another great video !

  3. THE1NONLY1 says:

    Damn, fatboy’s skull is pretty squishy.

  4. Tim Calhoon says:

    Such an easy way to get rid of the filaments !

  5. Coleen Matonic says:

    Handsome man

  6. Brad Polmateer says:

    Damn I get those on my legs

  7. Laura Mahnken says:

    He needs to stop shaving for a while, exfoliate better and use a good cream to work on his dead skin build up. Then he can shave and he will have much better results.

  8. stella maris montejano says:

    No le conviene depilación definitiva??

  9. Colleen Knox says:

    Why don’t you upload videos more often?

  10. Terence Alsop says:

    This person didn’t really need treatment at such an early stage, however the treatment given appeared to be of the highest quality even though I don’t agree some people puncturing the skin to make an extraction. Just one negative which Josefa you should be aware of is not to wipe ANY extracted material across the face. If this material has a heavy bacterial growth there’s a risk of cross contamination from pore to pore. Though highly unlikely this risk is there so with the likes of MRSA about care must be taken with ALL extracted material. I am a medic of 40+ years experience so have considerable knowledge on the subject!

  11. Janis Dardaris says:

    she’s a good a very good esthetician and i’d be happy to have her work on my skin if i needed it BUT she takes too long and it gets frustrating to watch!  thank you anyway!

  12. Donna Dufty says:

    Love those filaments!!

  13. Sara La Perle says:

    This seemed so loving to me… I’m going to dig out your ingrown hairs and squeeze your entire face. Perphaps it was the music. Any how, relationship goals.

  14. Jackson jackson says:


  15. 83keysha says:

    Is an anesthesia used during a procedure like this. Fear of possible related pain keeps me from getting the help I so badly need

  16. Kris Diel says:

    Josefa, I found another copy of some of your work. It’s from the Giant Blackheads playlist, I think.

  17. NT S says:

    She is the zit whisperer. Best ever.

  18. Maria C says:

    This is so satisfying but looks so painful when you use needles and squeeze so much, I like to imagine they are unconscious to it’s easier to watch.

  19. Caleb Shofner says:

    was she popping out hairs on his cheek? It looked almost like blackheads but i couldnt tell? ive never been able to squeeze and pop out hairs on my cheek?

  20. ReMitu says:

    Why don’t you tell him to moisturize instead

  21. Tambra Jonker says:

    Please tell me, that in the midst of all of the important things going on in our world, that there aren’t really people down there in the comments bitching about the syntax and content of someone else’s comment… Seriously people, find something worthwhile to complain about and stop being jerks to others. With respect.

  22. Don Hicks says:

    His beard needs lots of ingrown hairs removed. !!!

  23. Rosa Maria Share says:

    Ver el "palito" ese sacando pelos enterrados es super aburrido.

  24. Cristina Nobilio says:

    Ma la smette di bucare a sangue i visi delle persone?

  25. Jimbo says:

    That fellow needs to grow a beard, close shaveing causes this.

  26. Drew P Nautz says:

    I have this exact same condition but I do not know how to treat it!

  27. Dave Niz says:

    Ooo so precise

  28. Miki Donna says:

    Pls contact me want to come to malaga

  29. Michelle smile says:

    I just feel so clean and refreshed after I watch your videos… No one seems to get it but you…Youre the best!!!!

  30. Joe Jo says:

    Quality of videos is decreasing

  31. Eb O says:

    What’s the name of the tool?

  32. Twila Perry says:

    I love your calming videos!!!! You don’t yak just to hear your own voice!!! It’s relaxing!!

  33. Cranky O'Lady OleLady says:

    That repetitive music gave me a headache

  34. Princess Lucia says:

    Beautiful music

  35. Emanon says:

    When will we get a new video?

  36. Michael Westen says:

    Dude this Dr needs to stop trying to milk more contents out of a already popped pimple/cyst. Shit annoys so much, it’s like they believe if they keep squeezing, more shit will come out.

  37. silly bella says:

    Please explain to me.. Why tissues? Why?

  38. Taralya Mcdonough says:

    Why do some people have filament that looks like hairs? What’s the filament made of?

  39. Diggity Dee says:

    Trim his nose hair while you’re at it. LOL

  40. Roob Trulso says:

    Wow wtf this lady is crazily skilled

  41. Loretta Henderson says:

    Thank you!!

  42. John and Jody Veith says:

    I’m dying, I died, I’m dead!

  43. Tiffany Thomas says:

    Why don’t men exfoliate to prevent these? The “5-O’Clock shadow” can be prevented by a simple scrub/hot towel and toner. Why? Just…why?