The Biggest Pool of Blood and Pus. Pimple Pop.

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The Biggest Pool of Blood and Pus. Pimple Pop.

This is a video of my colleague with his Back Pimple pop. The Blood and Pus. #BlackHead #WhiteHead #Blood #Pus #Scream I have see it grown over the years and now it is Finally Pop.

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26 Responses to The Biggest Pool of Blood and Pus. Pimple Pop.

  1. Carol Handy says:

    Done wrong but lots of pus.

  2. Official MacilypucfyWZW says:

    Me: squeezes the fuck out of it doesnt take time like her

  3. boobam says:

    1:29 is when the action starts

  4. Mary Roark says:

    Finally the good stuff comes out

  5. Lee Ann Crowe says:

    Should have punctured it at the puncture spot where that blackhead is.

  6. soccerbeast7777 cr7 says:

    Omg most disgusting thing I have. ever saw

  7. Zach Kettell says:

    That seriously does not look like a pimple that looks like some sort of would that got seriously infected, be sure to keep that clean with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide

  8. Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc says:

    For Pete’s sake, CUT IT OPEN, or at the very least open the blackhead!

  9. Andrew Hards says:

    I bet that felt better after.

  10. Lida c says:

    i had a smaller version on my cheek and today it finally opened up and it bled alot

  11. Mabel Fierro says:

    Ewwwww I don’t know why I’m watching this ewwwwww

  12. LaBish says:

    A chimmy chimmy chimmy Chamma chamma chong!!!

  13. Kathleen Lewis says:

    Terrible photography!

  14. Rachel DuBose says:

    What language is this?

  15. The Vin says:

    You got 1 fucking kleen-ex in that whole house

  16. Journeys With Me 2.0 says:

    That’s no pimple, that’s a fucking abcess.

  17. Xys Hunt says:

    I never want to eat strawberry yoghurt again.

  18. Austin Elkins says:

    I’ve got one that needs done on my butt

  19. Fractured Angel says:

    The best part?? The kids reaction! No translation necessary!

  20. VeganRaine says:

    Some people are fucking hopeless.

  21. Colette Sandets says:

    omg, how nasty and unsanitary.

  22. TNTInformer says:

    Likky likky, bora bora, milli, milli…got to the hospital, dude!

  23. Ranga's Rule! says:

    "ewwww" The universal language LOL

  24. Roelskie19 says:


  25. Curtis Neilson says:

    Seen it before 2 years to live

  26. DEVI SHEETAL says:

    Wear a glove and take another tissue jesus